Ocala Women’s
Fitness & Weight Loss Center has closed!

Ocala Women's Fitness & Weight Loss Center

One of the most difficult parts about starting & sticking to an exercise program is finding the right gym that fits all of your needs. There are a lot of us, especially those dealing with weight issues, who are not comfortable going to a co-ed gym. Being self conscious can get in the way of a workout, and being able to go to the gym and not worry about the way you look is a relief for anyone that just wants to get in a good workout.

Lose Weight Today!

We want to help you reach your goals!!! Choose from our list of classes, body wraps, and weight loss plan or do a combination that works for your needs.

 Our Zumba classes are open to the public for $5 per class!!!

Try our weight loss plan!

Our program offers a 3 day cleanse, approved food list, and a food diary so you can keep track of your intake. Call today to set up an appointment or to get more information.


Ocala Women's Fitness & Weight Loss Center has closed!